Saturday in Brixton - Thanks!!

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Saturday in Brixton - Thanks!!

Postby lordjeffers » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:46 pm

Just wanted to say thanks to all those involved with arranging an performing Saturday's gig. Personally I thought it was the best Carter gig ever and I haven't said that about any of the reunion shows.

I'm not sure how it happened but I was remarkably sober, considering that I started on the beers at 12:30 and was drinking pretty much all the way through to 4am. I think we got to the Cantervury arms around 4:30 and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere before heading over to the Academy. Heard the last bar of CUD and then hovered mid-way back to watch Neds who were great.

I was gonna hang around the back for Carter too but swiftly decided to move forward after Sufin USM and spent the rest of the gig just in front of Fruity. Was it my imagination or were the band further back from the front of the stage than usual?

Great set, great banter, interesting dancers, amazing songs!! Personally I thought there were fewer dickheads than normal and was much less battered and bruised than after last year's manchester show. A girl next to me was accidentally hit in the face by a crowd surfer and proceeded to bleed from her chin on to the white t-shirt in front, but everyone was happy :)

Went to the kebab shop opposite Jamm. I don't think they'd ever had customers before but after a while we got some chicken kebabs despite asking for lamb.

The queue for Jamm was frustrating and the effect of a whole day's alcohol intake was rapidly wearing off. We caught a shouty band whose name I didn't catch who I might have enjoyed 20 years ago but were a bit too young and naive. "Lets all shout fuck and a song about the police smashing your back doors in.

Tom Hingley was amazing. I really didn't expect him to be so good but those old Inspirals songs are great and he is a brill singist. Would have bought his book but knew I'd lose it. Hopefully I'll remember to get it on Amazon. It was nice to see Jim Bob hanging around watching Tom too. I was going to congratulate him on the gig and say something hugely witty about a cat called Jeffers, but instead I was a bit embarrassed and when I'd almost plucked up the courage to speak I let out a particularly rancid kebab-fart and thought better of it. Then he left.

Somehow we ended up in the weirdest club. Well they say club, I 'd say living room. Felt very out of place with the grinding and gyrating that was going on to the likes of rihanna and labrynth (or something like that).

HIt the sack sometime after 4, up at 8, stuck in the Remembrance parade for over an hour, missed the train home and then had to stand all the way to Bristol on the next one.

Absolutely cracking :)
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