Something very egoistic - bringing a song to Brixton

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Something very egoistic - bringing a song to Brixton

Postby killroy » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:29 pm

Maybe the following is a really stupid idea. Of course it is a very egoistic one. But a least it is an idea, and it would make some people very happy.

Ok, here is the story behind it:
Myself and some friends had different bands here in Germany, doing mostly british-style indie- and alternative-stuff (we dropped out of the music-business when we reached that age :mrgreen: ). one of them was called WALDMEISTER, a first two-piece like Carter are. Ok, to be honest, we had that third guy, our little Japanes slave, Roland D20, which we bossed around and which had to do all the stuff, we didn't want to (drums, horns, strings and all the rest). The two-piece then went into a three-piece (but still with Roland), but that's another story ....

So as you can imagine, listing to Carter and having this Japanese slave inspired us to some special songs. One of them was the B-Side of our second 7", Sommernachtssexkomödie (inspired by the Woody Allen film "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy"). The lyrics are about ... to be honest they are real nonsense, maybe a littel bit of DaDa in it, the chorus is something that we call "Schüttelreim" (spoonerism), and we have parts of dime novels in it. So it's nothing serious, but still big fun, when I listen to it.
You can download and listen to it here (that's a save adress, no viruses or other stuff, it's my own webspace).

The egoistic idea now is, that it would be the biggest blower for Sebastian (he did that song together with me) and the other guys joining me at Brixton to hear that song during the stage change. I remember 2012, when the whole crowd was singing the songs played before Carter entered the stage. Just think about them licking my feet whenever I want for the rest of my life .... :lol:

So if anyone reading that stupid, egoistic and nonsense post has any idea or contact to a person engaged in the brixton-gig, and would forward that ..... it would be the greatest thing to have for me.

thx and see you then in 27 days
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