Calling all indie kids!

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Calling all indie kids!

Postby PRDproductions » Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:28 am

Calling all indie kids! We at PRD Productions are producing a film all about the beloved era of indie from 1988-1994. We’ve already been talking to Carter, PWEI & EMF on camera and plan to hopefully include Ned’s, Senseless Things, Mega City Four, The Wonder Stuff + many more. But as much as this film is about the bands it is also about you; the fans. We want to get on camera your memories and opinions on the scene as it was then; the sound, the looks & the lifestyle. We also want you to bring down your most treasured piece of memorabilia; anything from a pristine rare Japanese import 12 inch to a grubby old gig ticket where you met the love of your life / best friend or just were blown away by the performance. Definitely bring / wear your favourite band t-shirt though (goes without saying really). We haven’t got a date or location for this shoot yet; this post is basically to see who would be up for getting on camera and we can organise logistics based on interest. We are thinking of hiring a function room at a pub in the Midlands somewhere so we can play a few classics, drink a few beers and get reminiscing!

Interested? Contact with your name, location and what bands rocked your world in the late 80’s / early 90’s.

Please help us by sharing this post with friends, family and forums that you feel may also be interested in getting involved in the project.
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