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International Sexual Deviancy Inspiration!

Postby Chivers123 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:48 am

Now that Dilma Rousseff has been slung out of office in Brazil for not paying or taking enough bribes, she can return to her original life mission of opposing the world's militarists.

It has been proposed ( by me) that she first starts with the Theresa May-Jeremy Corbyn-Prince Charles axis that has assumed control of the esotericism of the UK. Cheered by their success in convincing the whole of planet Earth that 37% of a voting adult population is a majority, if Rousseff doesn't act fast, they may complete in the second phase of their diabolically-inspired scheme..........Consuming Westminster's annual ration of cocaine in ONE WEEK!
Carter fans act now. If this insane enterprise is allowed to continue there will be no Charlie left for anyone. And, if they do manage to hoover up all of London's bugle, ganja could be next. After that, it'll probably be the Guinness and so on.

Rousseff must be convinced of the need to counter this selfishness.

Please try to think of anyway of helping her, my own proposal is a new Carter USM project. Words, music, pictures to bring this issue to the fore in the World.

Please help before any more animals are domesticated & put into service.
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